Ya’ll ain’t ready, Russia! I was so sad I couldn’t celebrate with all my people back home, but my whatsapp was blowing up with all these crazy videos of celebration after we beat Costa Rica and it put a smile on my face.

The big celebration happened in Calle 50, one of the main arteries of Panama City and as you can see, things got a bit too wild. :D

VII. Here Be Dragons

Another week, another set of hot Hotel Lobby Stories both literally and figuratively, as we elaborate on a wide range of topics including that time a radio drama got a whole nation scared of aliens, our ideas for Halloween costumes, satanic clowns, dragon mansplaining, our views on weather in Barcelona and of course, pussy pillows.

Brace yourselves and come chase the dragon with us!

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VI. Light & Quick

Hello! We’re back with another recording of Hotel Lobby Stories, where Tamara and Luis attempt to make a short lighthearted episode and somehow ended up with the longest recording they’ve done to date!

This week’s stories involve our thoughts on reincarnation, the current political situation in Barcelona, our future plans for this website and our winter watching guide. This plus a whole bunch of sweet conversations pouring into your ears like honey. Have a listen!

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