XXIII. Two Weeks Later

Hey there! It’s been two long weeks, but here we are! We did a time skip and started season 2 of the podcast with a recap of all the things that happened in 2018!

This podcast may sound a bit weird because we recorded it in a new place and we couldn’t figure out the setup on time before the recording (sorry!), but it’s still good, so take a listen and we hope you enjoy it!

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X. Fun Facts I

On this big number 10, we tell you facts about Bob Dylan, what sea otters do while they’re asleep, where the so-called “river of piss” from the Benicassim Festival could end up, the of Luis’s phobias… that, and a bunch more!

Check it out!!

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Extra. Catalunya

Because a lot of our family and friends abroad were asking, we decided to make a special episode about our experiences in the past month of living in Barcelona. The situation has become very tense for some and very uncertain for all of us, so we thought it would make for a good opportunity to tell everyone what’s going on and how we’re dealing with it.

Thank you for all your support of our podcast and we hope you’re ready for the big 10 coming up later next week!

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IX. A Walk With The Black Dog

This episode begins with Luis almost throwing up by the idea of freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with water and Tamara is celebrating that she has leveled up to Co-Producer! They also talk about the sweet and important things they learned  early in life, their idea of what wanderlust is and their milestones.

Check out another batch of Hotel Lobby Stories as we get closer to our 10th episode!

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VIIl. For Ted, The Bellhop

On this episode Luis gets shot in the eye as a Birthday gift from Tamara. Also, we talk about our favorite badass villains in films we’ve watched, foot fetishism, the film scene that made us cry in our childhood and the question: Is Ted’s finger getting chopped off in the end?

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